2018 Winter Fragrance List

  • Winter Winter Solstice - Crisp notes of pine, fir and cedar bark and fresh eucalyptus
  • Frosted Apple - Holiday notes of apple,  black currant, jasmine and Siberian fir
  • Oh Christmas Tree - Cool notes of fir, pine and orange
  • Winter Woods - Fresh snowy scent of cypress trees and frosted woods
  • Sparkling Gem - Sparkling lemon-lime and fresh sage
  • Campfire Tales - Cozy up in the warm and comforting scent of a campfire

Limited Fragrance List

  • 1995 - Citrus notes and musk blended together perfectly
  • 2000 - Clean juicy blend of bergamot, orange, neroli and lemon
  • 2011 - Hints of orange, lemon and delicate florals

Mainstay Fragrance List

  • Sweet Sakura (cherry blossom) scent is an epitome of delicateness.  This is a sweet  balance of tender cherry blossom and blushing violets notes. 
  • Genki (origin of energy) Verbena fragrance is an energizing scent blend 
  • of lemon, grapefruit and orange notes that livens up your mood.
  • Yubi (grace) Satsuma, one of the admired traits of a Geisha. Blooming petals of orange flower gracefully embrace this fresh and crisp scent.
  • Como - A soothing blend of chamomile and lavender oils.
  • Capri - Notes of Italian lemon, bergamot, green tea leaves, infused with essential oils
  • Portofino - Refreshing blend of chamomile and neroli infused with essential oils 
  • Dream on - Calming blend of lavender and musk 
  • Bamboo and Tea - Crisp blend bamboo and tea
  • Bebé  - Classic baby powder scent
  • Petal Blossoms - Sparkling blend of citrus fruits and French rose and jasmine petals 
  • Fresh Laundry - Fresh and crisp linen notes
  • White Chocolate - luscious chocolate notes 
  • Grottos of Capri - A fresh blend of citrus fruits and a hint of summer breeze
  • Starry Night - Crisp and refreshing blend of grapefruit, apple, neroli and subtle florals and vanilla
  • Pink Blush - Orange and cranberry scent
  • Wild Rose - comforting rose scent blend
  • Serenity Meadow - calming notes of chamomile and lavender